Conditions for use of the program Runmec

  1. Use of the program is intended for students of  TU Delft during activities concerning their study or, later on, for self-employment in the area of designing machines and mechanisms.
  2. Other persons or institutes may use the program as well, but only for  for non-commercial applications. 
  3. Users are  not allowed to modify or to distribute the program.
  4. Ownership and copyright of the program belong to Dr. A.J. Klein Breteler. Copyright on results obtained with the help of Runmec belong to the user. Results may be published, but a correct reference to the program used is expected.
  5. TU Delft and the Owner disclaim all warranties concerning correct working , or fitness for a particular purpose, with respect to the programs. In no event TU Delft or the Owner shall be liable for consequential damage arising out of the use of the programs.
  6. Documentation is available in the form as provided, like the former lecture notes, the user manuals and the web pages. The user can use these sources as far as they are accessible for him.
  7. Instructions to install and to use the programs will be submitted together with the programs. The user cannot oblige TU Delft or the Owner for further support.


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Last changes: February 22, 2016